What a 300th goal by Danny Briere! Clock beating and game winning.


Danny Briere’s interview after scoring his 300th NHL goal [x] to beat the Bruins and give the Avalanche their first win of the season.

Hockey players after losing skate blades

Patrick Roy - requested by arcadetyler


Sid sasses Lundqvist during the Round Table discussion [x]

Remember when Sidney Crosby thought that Geno saying 5-3 was the funniest thing ever and we all took it as a sign of great affection? 

Maybe we should reevaluate, because based on this he just has a really fucking weird sense of humor where randomly repeated hockey terms are funny to him. 

look who’s back! Duper takes the ice at Consol


Elderly Czech man insults reporters with boyish glee. (x)

Q: you fall in love with a girl before learning that she is a boston bruins fan. do you stay with her or you dump her right away?