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Satan save me.

“The NHL’s opinion of itself is so high…. Let them get drunk on their greatness. We’ll see how many Euros look our way.” KHL president Alexander Medvedev.


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 The last one was a tough decision, I had to leave out great men such as Sean Avery, Tyler Seguin, Drew Doughty, Brock Lesnar, and the entire Chicago Shithawks roster minus P Sharp, but Taylor Hall’s story was so touching that I had to put him on there.

who are your favorite three players and why? ( long answer please) :)

 This isn’t too long, but you can deal.

  1. Patrick Kane. Sexiest player in the league, for one. As a fellow short, douchebag white boy that has gotten in trouble for assaulting people in the past, he’s a huge inspiration for me. Truly a class act.
  2. Duncan Keith. As a Canucks fan, I’ve gotta say I’ve got the utmost respect for Keith and his fantastic elbows. Would love to have him on our team, as long as his elbows are strapped down around the Sedins. However, if he decides he wants round two, Burrows can take him by the hair and slam dunk him into a garbage truck to be shipped back to where he came fro- I mean, I love him, and I hope he wins that Oscar where he was nominated for Best Actor!
  3. Taylor Hall. First horse to ever play in the NHL. That’s reason enough for him to be a favourite.

the C.A.B.O countdown of the 25 hottest NHL players
↳ #17/25 - Henrik Lundqvist // New York Rangers

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make me choose: sidney crosby or claude giroux