anonymous asked: Evgeni Malkin or Sidney Crosby?[x]

anonymous asked: Tom Sestito or Milan Lucic? [x]

26/∞ favourite pictures from the 2013-2014 nhl season

will you post a selfie? pleaseee

 Perhaps it’s because English isn’t my first language, but I haven’t the slightest clue as to what a “selfie” is.

Canadian Hobbies


Being disdainful of Albertans/Ontarians/Quebeckers. (varies by region)

Being condescending towards Americans.

Not understanding how the parliamentary system works.

Not caring how the parliamentary system works.

Watching the CBC.

Complaining about the CBC.

Watching hockey.

Complaining about hockey.

Watching American news.

Intermittently putting on intentionally terrible southern accents for comic effect whilst talking about American politics.

Using hockey metaphors when talking about politics.

Using hockey metaphors when talking about the weather.

Using hockey metaphors when talking about hockey.

Not knowing who your MP is.

Complaining about the weather.


Complaining about all levels of government.

Collecting Canadian Tire money.

Complaining about mobile phone carriers.

Making fun of British Columbians who whinge when the temperature drops below 5 degrees and when it, god forbid, snows. (northern British Columbia and the rest of Canada)

Making fun of the rest of the still-blanketed-in-snow country whilst flowers are blooming in your garden in February. (southern British Columbia)

Being casually anti-American.

Trying to see if you can tear the new polymer bills.

sidney crosby mic’d up during the 2013 black & gold game (x)